Manufacturing by NASTEX GROUP ~ We are always aiming at the Supply Chain Management, in Japan, China and Asian area-marketing, designing, manufacturing and distributing.
Concretely speaking, in Japan planning and designing specs by analyzing changing interior trends, in China, Vietnam and others, we are manufacturing towels and towel products, and we are supplying for all over the countries through our Hong Kong exporting functions.

Manufacturing Management System

We are managing the manufacturing in China and other countries on the basis of the theme ‘ Trust and Safety ’ by the long experience on Japanese quality standard. Our key manufacturing function is the NASTEX INTERNATIONAL (QINGDAO), which is our group partner, and is located in Qingdao, Shandong, China. We always work together through corresponding with all kinds of information for keeping the high standard level of manufacturing.

Exporting Function for all over the world

We are managing the concrete indications for sales, and also shipment and distributions for the market, on the standpoint of view in Hong Kong, as the international trading center. ‘NASTEX Quality’ is expanding not only in Japan and China, but also in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and other Asian countries, and also far in the EU and US market.

Wholesaling Function for the Hong Kong market

In huge Hong Kong consumer’s market, not only by the 7 million residents, but also by inbound demands of the tourists and temporary business guests from China and other countries, we are supplying ‘NASTEX Quality’ to the department stores, the chain retailors and the specific interior shops.